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Educating and informing our clients through free seminars and training.

LMC believe that offering our clients’ access to our free Seminars and Training is the best way for them to be educated and informed when it comes to the varied tax and accounting rules, regulations and compliance matters as well as what type of expenses you can claim.

Some of the following matters are also discussed within our blogs and you may find some information useful to you when preparing for your next financial year.

What documents do I need to provide my accountant with at Tax time? Some of the documents required will be Financial Statements, vehicle logs, summary of home-office expenses, list of Capital Assets purchased or sold, income and expenses related documents and last year’s Tax Return.

What Tax Concessions are available to me as a Small Business? Small businesses have access to a range of income tax concessions. These are available whether you operate your business as a sole trader, partnership, company or trust - as long as you are classified as a small business.

Do I need a log book to claim work related motor vehicle expenses? If you use your own car in the course of performing your job you can claim a deduction for work-related car expenses. You will need a logbook and the odometer readings for the logbook period to work out the percentage of expenses you can claim.

What is an ABN and how do I go about obtaining one? It is a good idea to apply for an ABN once you've decided on your business's structure. An ABN is the number you will use when dealing with other businesses and the government.

We aim to hold regular seminars in our office in relation to relevant topics to broaden the education and understanding of our clients across many tax and accounting matters.

As a client of LMC Accounting and Financial Services you will receive invitations to these free seminars.

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