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What Uniform Expenses Can I Claim?

taxpayer can claim the cost of buying, renting, repairing and cleaning occupation specific clothing, protective clothing and certain work uniforms. Occupation specific clothing is specific to the taxpayers occupation and is not every-day in nature. Protective Clothing includes clothing and footwear that a taxpayer is required to wear to protect them from the risk of illness or injury that may occur during the taxpayers income earning activities.

A compulsory uniform is a set of clothing that identifies you as an employee of an organisation and it is compulsory for the taxpayer to wear the uniform while at work. Expenses claimed for non-compulsory uniforms can only be claimed if the employer has registered the design with AusIndustry. Laundry costs associated with eligible clothing can be claimed but receipts must be kept if the claim is more than $150. Please contact us for more information.